Are you cut out to be an Entrepreneur?

The biggest reason why most people will never become an entrepreneur, or are not cut out to be in business for themselves, is because they simply can not handle the stress, pressure, fear of lack, and the occasional failure.

You have to be willing to live a very frugal life initially and be poor and broke. This is where the term “Don’t quit your day job” comes from but if you’re not doing your business full time then the reality is that it’s just a hobby. You’re going to have to live your life in a way that the people close to you and around you will simply never understand and will judge you for it. The important thing is you will have to learn to overcome the negative to keep your dreams alive. There will be times when you will go to check your bank account online and the balance will be in the negative. Times there won’t even be a dollar to buy a coffee and the bills will be stacking up. There will be times when all your sales leads will dry up and you will be laying in bed at night trying to sleep but all you think about is how you’re going to make this business work if you can’t even land a couple of clients or customers.

Don’t get me wrong, you can prepare for starting a business, and not doing so and taking the appropriate steps is a recipe for disaster but nothing can prepare you for the transformation that takes place that turns you into an entrepreneur. The good news is that if you possess the two most important qualities of “Perseverance” and a “Stubbornness to Never Quit”, and you hang in there long enough you learn to love this life you have chosen for yourself.

You love it because you have created something that is far greater and meaningful to you than any pitfall, hardship, disappointment, trial, failure, or discouragement you may face. You will stop comparing your life to the lives of those people around you who just go to work for a pay check. You will see that although they seem like they are ahead they have no chance at achieving the potential success that you will be able to achieve being a business owner and they will never know the feeling of pride from making your dreams become a reality.

What separates successful entrepreneurs from the unsuccessful comes right down to the strength of mind and it’s ability to navigate the harsh realities of the business world and not let it stop you from reaching your potential. The world belongs to the risk-takers and the dreamers, don’t let fear stop you from creating your masterpiece.

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